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Investing in Your Cabling System

January 17th, 2017 by admin

Data network array with orange and red cables

We all expect our computers to turn on, internet to be fast, and phones to have a clear connection. Yet seldom do we think about the structured cabling that these systems rely on for good performance. If you have shoddy cabling installed, you'll experience a slower, unstable, and glitchy IT infrastructure. This in turn can directly influence the speed at which you can run your business. Do yourself and your business a favor by investing in a cabling assessment and any required installations.

Here at Dove Communications, we offer design and installation of voice, data, HDMI, fiber optics, and coaxial cabling systems throughout the Los Angeles region. Which cabling combinations you need depends on your IT requirements, location, and budget. We will gladly meet with you to discuss the types and quantity of reliant IT systems you will be installing, to determine whether a lower speed cabling system will allow for optimal performance. In some cases, where the speed of your voice and data connection needs to be extremely fast (for example: IT companies, investment firms), you should consider fiber optics. We can help you to find the balance between costs and performance for your cabling system.

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