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Small Business DSL Internet Service

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Online Backup from AT&T

Safeguard your valuable company data, with secure automated backups.

Did you know?

  • "Data loss costs U.S. businesses more than $18 billion a year"
  • "Nearly 90% of computer users who had their laptops stolen said the device contained company communications, as well as confidential business and personal information"
  • "About 70% of business people have experienced data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster

Safeguard your company data with Online Backup from AT&T.

Online Backup from AT&T is an affordable solution that provides consistent, automated data protection for your PC. Once the service is installed and you have selected the data to back up, there is nothing else to do to have your files protected each day at a secure off-site location.

Just as your customers rely upon you to deliver results despite an emergency, let AT&T provide that same level of security to your business.


  • Efficient, remote data protection
  • Comprehensive data security during transport
  • Automatic daily backups with user initiated restores
  • Off-site protection for business continuity and compliance
  • Free technical support
  • Convenient monthly billing to your Credit or Debit card
  • Easily add or subtract PCs as your business changes
  • No setup or initiation fees

Service may not be available in all areas.

Secure Mail

Protect confidential or proprietary information with encrypted email for your business.

Secure your business with Secure Mail from AT&T

Secure Mail from AT&T gives AT&T FastAccess® Business DSL customers the ability to simply and inexpensively send encrypted email to anyone in the world! For as little as $7.95 per month, per email address, you can send unlimited secure email messages to anyone from your Microsoft® Outlook or Outlook® Express email software.


  • Messages are encrypted: Industrial grade security is used to encrypt your email
  • Easy to use:click the SECURE button to send, and your message is encrypted before it is sent
  • Send to anyone:you can send secure email to anyone, whether or not they also subscribe to Secure Mail from AT&T

Business Applications

Secure Mail is critical for small businesses that send sensitive customer information or proprietary business detail. You need Secure Mail from AT&T if you send emails containing:

  • Strategic commercial information & proprietary company information
  • Financial records, credit card or banking information
  • Patient records
  • Security information - user IDs, passwords
  • Personal information - Social Security Numbers
  • Lawyer-client communications

Business Domain Email &Shared Web Hosting

Build an online presence &enhance your business communications.

Whether you're running a growing small business or just starting out, your employees, customers and suppliers expect professional communications.

AT&T offers Business Domain Email service to get you started with a custom email address. To purchase multiple custom email addresses or host a Web site - then choose a AT&T Web Hosting solution below.

Business Domain Email

AT&T FastAccess® Business DSL and Business DSL Plus customers can sign up for a FREE NEW Domain Name. Business Domain Email service includes -

  • New domain name registered for FREE (Example:
  • 1 FREE custom email box with 100MB of storage - plus, order now and your set-up fee is waived
  • Anti-Spam protection

Features & Benefits

  • Reserve your FREE domain name now - Beat the competition by securing the domain name and custom email address for your business and make it easy for your customers to find you
  • Manage your email account - Change passwords and view virus/spam activity
  • Save time and money - Network-based over an Internet connection eliminates time or money spent on software downloads
  • Compatible with your current email client - Business Domain Email works with a web browser or POP/SMTP email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

AT&T Web Hosting service

Take your FREE Domain Name one step further by building a Web presence. You can use your domain name as your Web site address. With a Web Hosting package you also get:

  • Additional custom domain email boxes - plans include up to 500 email addresses
  • 24x7x365 network & technical support
  • Bill to your AT&T bill

Features & Benefits

  • A wide selection of plans and features - Our plans are structured to allow you to easily upgrade your site as your needs grow
  • AT&T reliability- You can be certain to find the high level of service and stability AT&T is known for
  • Flexibility to change your package- Add additional email addresses, bandwidth or disk space as you need
  • E-commerce- Start taking orders online today and expand your reach
  • Web site design tools - Choose from a variety of applications such as Actual Drawing, Microsoft® FrontPage® or Macromedia® Dreamweaver® to get started.*

PC 2 Go

Remotely access your PC from anywhere on the Internet.

Reach your full business potential with AT&T PC 2 Go Remote Access.

Wherever you work, your desktop is as close as your laptop.

Whether telecommuting from home, working on-site or on the road, AT&T PC 2 Go Remote Access service lets you or your employees connect to your office computer desktop remotely � so everyone can be more productive every day.

With AT&T PC 2 Go Remote Access, you can:

  • Connect seamlessly and work securely anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Achieve greater efficiency and workflow as if you're in the office
  • Enjoy the flexibility to create more time for your life at home
  • Easily add PCs as your business grows
  • Get started quickly by following just a few easy steps

Business Applications

PC 2 Go Remote Access gives you the ability to connect to your computer from anywhere on the Internet. It's safe secure and simple to get started. After three easy steps, you will never be caught without that important file again. No more carrying around limited portable drives. Why settle for a few files, when you can access your entire computer?

Wireless Broadband

Experience the Power and Freedom of Wireless Broadband.

AT&T Wireless Broadband Service provides high-speed Internet access to your home, delivering downstream speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and up to 384Kbps upstream

Revolutionize your Internet experience with a quicker, easier, more useful connection. AT&T Wireless Broadband Service gives you faster access to the things you love - online shopping, e-mail, digital photos, homework helper, movie trailers, e-tickets and instant news. It's easy to see the value Wireless Broadband brings to your whole family.

Wireless Networking

Increase productivity by easily delivering high-speed Internet access to every computer and user in your office.

Make networking fast, easy and secure. Increase productivity by delivering high-speed Internet access to every computer and user in your office.

Easy networking. Quick set-up, comprehensive management capabilities and unsurpassed reliability make AT&T wireless routers both powerful and easy to use. The intuitive Web-user interface and installation wizards require little technical expertise.

Improved security and investment protection. Built-in security adds an additional layer of protection to protect data, applications and gateways without the need for costly hardware add-ons. Advanced features support scaled growth while protecting your technology investment.

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