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Small Business Local Phone Service

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Additional Business Phone Lines

These days, opportunity doesn't just knock. It calls, faxes, clicks and e-mails

The more lines you add to your business, the more you can save

  • Add 1-2 lines
  • Add 3-4 lines
  • Add 5 or more lines

Business Voice Mail Service

Description &Features

  • Continuous - Captures voice messages 24 hours a day, even while you're on the phone.
  • Practical - Gives callers the option to reach a receptionist is necessary
  • Smart - Notifies your pager when you receive any voice messages, or just urgent ones.
  • Dependable - Send and reply to messages in your office and local community.
  • Versatile - Send and receive messages from remote locations.
  • Flexible - Works with your Cingular® Wireless service and landline phone to integrate voice messages.

Business Benefits

  • Convenient - Receive voice messages even while your making or receiving calls.
  • Resourceful - Avoid sending busy signals to your customers when you're on the phone.
  • Improve Efficiency - Run your business more efficiently with the power to send and receive messages outside of the office.
  • Increase Response Time - Receive pager notification when new messages are delivered so you can return the call more quickly.
  • Economical - Pay one flat rate for complete messaging services.

In order for your AT&T Voice Mail Service to work, you need to order at least one Call Forwarding option. The Call Forwarding feature of your choice, along with Message Waiting Indicator, will ensure that you'll get the full benefit from AT&T Voice Mail Service for Business.

Calling Features

Avoid Missed Calls

  • Call Waiting
    Notifies you of incoming calls when you're already on the phone.
  • Message Waiting Indicator
    Alerts you to new messages with a stutter dial tone.
  • Message Waiting Indicator with Audio Visual
    A flashing light and special stutter tone when you pick up the phone lets you know if you have messages.
  • Call Return
    By dialing *69 on your phone, Call Return enables you to identify and call back your most recent caller.

Forward Calls

  • Call Forwarding
    Go where you want without missing an important call. Forward your incoming calls to another number - even to a long distance number.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding
    With Remote Access to Call Forwarding, you can control your Call Forwarding feature from any touch tone phone.
  • Call Forwarding Don't Answer
    Forwards your calls, when you can't answer, to your voice mail or other number so you never miss a call.
    *This is one of the forwarding features compatible with AT&T Voice Mail Service.
  • Call Forwarding Busy Line
    Call Forwarding Busy Line sends calls to voice mail or to another number when your line is busy.*This is one of the forwarding features compatible with AT&T Voice Mail Service.

Screen Calls

  • Caller ID Deluxe
    Caller ID Deluxe provides the name and number of your callers so you can anticipate customer needs and provide more personal service.
  • Enhanced Caller ID
    Provides Caller ID, Call Waiting, and gives you the name and number of any incoming calls when you're already on the phone.
  • RingMaster® Service- 1 Additional Telephone Number
    RingMaster service provides an additional telephone number with its own distinctive ring-all on your existing line.
  • RingMaster® Service- 2 Additional Telephone Numbers
    RingMaster service provides two additional telephone numbers with their own distinctive rings and call waiting tones on your existing line.
  • Call Tracing
    Call Tracing helps you put an end to annoying phone calls.
  • Call Block
    Use this feature to block calls from specific unwanted numbers.

Save Time

  • Three-way Calling with Transfer
    Talk to two people at one time with only one phone line.
  • Repeat Dialing
    Use when you call someone and get a busy signal. Repeat dialing will try the number you called for 30 minutes.
  • Speed Calling 8
    Speed Calling 8 makes dialing faster by allowing you to assign a one or two-digit code to 8 different telephone numbers.
  • Speed Calling 30
    Speed Calling 30 makes dialing faster by allowing you to assign a one or two-digit code to 30 complete telephone numbers.
  • Star 98 (*98)
    Star 98 allows you to access your voice mail by dialing *98 on your phone. You can access both new and saved messages.

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