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Small Business Telephone Services

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AT&T Complete Choice for Business

New and existing AT&T Small Business customers can take advantage of AT&T Complete Choice for Business packages to maximize the effectiveness and flexibility of their communication services.

AT&T Complete Choice for Business allows you to create a unique package of AT&T Products to best suit your needs. You combine the products and services on one convenient bill. Your choices include:

  • Business Lines (Required)
  • Calling Features (Required)
  • Messaging and Maintenance (Optional)
  • Internet, Wireless, Paging (Optional)
  • Term Plan Agreement (Optional)

Benefits Include:

  • A wide choice of calling features included in a flat rate price. Choose the latest in technology to increase your company's effectiveness.
  • Flexibility in changing your calling features at any time. Add or subtract features at any time during you're your service according to your needs.
  • Eligibility for credits on Paging and Internet Service when you add these services to create a AT&T Business Solutions package.
  • A simplified billing process. All of your chosen products and features will appear on a single bill.

Create your AT&T Business Solutions Package by following these easy steps:

  • Indicate your service location.
  • Choose the products you need.
  • Provide your service and billing information.
  • Review and submit your order.
  • Confirm and complete your order with a AT&T representative

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