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For more than 100 years, AT&T has been the trusted communications partner of governments throughout the Southeast, from the smallest municipalities to state capitals.

Nobody knows better than you how much government has changed in the last few years. While tax reductions and budget constraints have led to dramatic shifts in resources, service to the citizen has become even more critical. Now more than ever, it is vital for governments to find more effective and less costly ways to deliver services to constituents.

Governments cannot pick and choose where to provide service. Unlike the private sector, a key objective of local and state governments is to ensure the same quality of service to all constituents, regardless of location. Thus, education in rural areas must be equal to that of urban areas, access to healthcare in impoverished regions must be comparable to that of prosperous regions.

Citizens are demanding improved delivery of services from government. For example, they are not willing to wait in line for information, spend long periods of time on the telephone or go through any frustration when they need a service. New ways must be found to improve public service without increasing taxes. Governments are responding with Web-based services and call centers that provide more convenient citizen access to information and services

Economic development is another challenge. Increasingly, governments vie with each other to attract new companies to make the region prosper. A technologically advanced communications infrastructure, coupled with an understanding of advanced business processes and business applications, can be a determining factor in where relocating businesses choose to move.

With the increase in technology has come what many refer to as the "digital divide." Some communities have access to a high propensity of PC users that are connected to the advantages of the Internet. Others languish behind due to economics or geography. Governments are increasingly aware of this new divider between the "haves" and the "have nots." They are also searching for means to eliminate or at least reduce the gap between citizens that are connected to the Internet and those that are not connected.

How AT&T Can Help

For more than 100 years, AT&T has been the trusted communications partner of governments throughout the Southeast, from the smallest municipalities to state capitals. Because we live here, we personally experience all aspects of government from sanitation to crime protection to renewing a driver's license. We understand your business needs.

Together, we can work to create public access and government e-commerce solutions so citizens and the private sector can have user-friendly access to information and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Future Together as a Team

AT&T has been instrumental in many aspects of progressive development throughout the Southeast. The roots we have here are deep, substantial and ever growing. Groundbreaking endeavors such as state-wide information highways and video networks linking local and regional institutions are reflective of our commitment to the Southeast.

As the forces of change drive governments to new economic realities, information/communications technology becomes a valuable tool for improving productivity. AT&T will continue to assist in the process of "reengineering," which will allow you to provide the highest possible level of service to citizens.

In short, AT&T Business is working to broaden the equality of service throughout the Southeast. It is an effort that will benefit us all.

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