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AT&T Business is ideally positioned to meet the industry's unique needs, helping you care for your patients and run your hospital, clinic or office more efficiently and effectively.

The healthcare industry is undergoing profound and fundamental changes. Controlling costs without sacrificing quality of outcomes is a challenge for every provider. Healthcare represents one-seventh of the national economy. This fact underscores the importance of making choices that are efficient and beneficial to everyone involved.

Healthcare is facing one of the most challenging tasks of the new decade as they prepare to comply with the new regulations of the health Insurance Portability ACT (HIPAA). Healthcare organizations must begin adopting national standards for electronic transactions such as claims submission, eligibility, verification and referral authorization, as well as privacy and security regulations. The intent of HIPAA is to drive down operational costs and streamline how administrative and financial information about patients is shared by utilizing information technology.

As healthcare providers and payors prepare for this transformation, they are also evaluating strategic business and eHealth initiatives. Healthcare Internet commerce is expected to reach $370 billion by 2004, organized around a healthcare eBusiness network that serves consumers, providers, distribution chains and payors. As the healthcare industry adopts the techniques of the digital age as standard business practice, patients, providers and payors are becoming more reliant on robust voice and data networks that are secure and always available.

AT&T Business is ideally positioned to meet the industry's unique needs, helping you care for your patients and run your hospital, clinic or office more efficiently and effectively. By providing system architectures that address confidentiality, data integrity and accessibility while ensuring reliability, we can help you meet strategic business initiatives in today's evolving healthcare market.

Our preeminent position as a provider of voice, data, video and imaging equipment and services makes us the perfect partner to help you meet the challenges of the 21st century and create the future of healthcare.

AT&T Solutions for Healthcare

AT&T has a comprehensive portfolio of integrated network services and multimedia solutions for healthcare. These innovative business solutions help healthcare providers and payors deliver consistent, quality care while complying with regulations and reducing costs. And our advanced network technology ensures business solutions will have the flexibility and diversity to accommodate the reliability and security requirements unique to the healthcare industry.

AT&T eBusiness solutions for healthcare were created to help you leverage the power of the Web and positions you to respond the evolution toward delivering personalized healthcare and case arrangement plans. They also include a powerful set of platform-based modules that support multiple ways of accessing and delivering information - including phone, Internet, fax, pager and e-mail. And they are seamless -integrating AT&T voice and data customer premise equipment, interactive paging. Web-based applications and network services.

AT&T Healthcare Solutions are comprehensive, combining the resources of a team of experts with today's most sophisticated technologies every step of the way - from analysis to design to implementation and ongoing support

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