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Internet Service Providers

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Predictions suggest ISPs will be focussing on higher margins and profitability in the upcoming year

Though the Internet has existed since the late 60's in one form or another, it has only flourished as the hottest new form of communications in the past six years. This fledgling industry is not only the fastest growing telecommunications market in history, but also has spawned entire technologies and redefined the way companies operate. The days of a government and scholastic network have given way to a commercial information highway that spans the globe.

The Internet Service Providers are very aware of the fast pace of the Internet. They are being driven to serve faster, serve more and serve smarter. This means not only providing access through network build-out, but also outsourcing where it makes business sense to do so. AT&T is positioned to provide the latest access technologies that can help the ISPs maximize their customer reach and speed, while minimizing the capital costs and expenses.

The Contribution and Benefits of Doing Business with AT&T

The North American ISP markets are undergoing rapid change from simple narrow-band Internet access to a broadband-centric, integrated full service provider market. They look to AT&T to assist them to make this transition in the most profitable manner. AT&T does so, by focusing our efforts on enabling the ISPs to:

  • Increase reach to their customers
  • Compete in their ever-changing markets
  • Drive operations and cost efficiencies with a reliable network infrastructure

Increasing Speed and Reach for ISP customers

Both business and consumer Internet customers are demanding greater speed from their ISP. Business customers are running many mission-critical applications over the Internet and their data networks. Many of the business end-users (employees) are teleworking, not only requiring more speed, but also requiring access be provided over geographically dispersed areas. Consumers are also demanding fast and secure access for applications such as e-purchasing and electronic bill payment. These users are also located in various areas from large metropolitan areas to rural America. This demand for speed and reach, forces the Internet Service Provider to meet their customer demands or potentially lose them to the competition.

Giving ISPs the Competitive Edge

Predictions suggest ISPs will be focussing on higher margins and profitability in the upcoming year. To achieve such profits they will need to do more than just meet customer expectations for more speed and greater reach. They will need to deliver value-add services and premium customer service.

AT&T empowers ISPs to offer these "next generation solutions" by providing reliable network access and management, backed by service level agreements.

Driving operations and cost efficiencies with reliable network infrastructure solutions

As ISPs position themselves to supply the speed, reach and value-add services their customers' demands, they must do so with their bottom lines in mind. AT&T provides the ISPs with a highly reliable network that they can bundle with their own value-add services and sell to their customers. As mentioned above, AT&T also has developed services to enable ISPs to gain operational and cost efficiencies.

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