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Internet Access (Under 50 End-Users)

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Fast, reliable connections from AT&T Business let you use the Internet to handle virtually every business function

Fast, reliable connections from AT&T Business let you use the Internet to handle virtually every business function. AT&T can install, configure, monitor, and maintain equipment to give you hassle-free connections. And we offer a variety of technologies that can be upgraded as your business grows.

Our Dial-up Internet Access service supports switched or dial-up connectivity over analog, ISDN, or DSL lines, and connections between your LAN and the Internet are maintained full-time: you are always connected. Because AT&T connects directly to the Internet through a global service provider, router hops are minimized and response is faster.

Sample Applications

  • New markets at home and around the world
  • Competitive product and demographic information
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Data transfer and software downloads
  • Internal and external communications
  • Travel planning
  • E-mail


  • Up to 5 e-mail boxes and up to 10 MB of disk space
  • Dial-up access to the Internet through toll-free local access numbers in most areas throughout our nine-state region
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week help desk support
  • A single corporate bill or multiple-user accounts
  • World-class customer support


  • Save money and streamline your operations by selecting the most appropriate bandwidth for your present and projected needs.
  • Enjoy ensured reliability thanks to dual fiber distributed data interface (FDDI) ring architecture, with major switching hub backups and redundant IP connections.
  • Get better network customer service, improved productivity, and more sales opportunities.
  • Simplify your billing by including Internet Access Services on your AT&T bill.
  • Get quick, responsive service and fast repairs with the AT&T Business comprehensive field service.

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