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Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AODI)

Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AODI) from AT&T Business provides continuous low-cost network connectivity

Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AODI) from AT&T Business provides continuous low-cost network connectivity. This connectivity helps teleworkers avoid problems associated with repeatedly opening connections to a corporate network, including:

  • Downtime while connections are established
  • Inconvenience and interruptions to workflow
  • Possible failure to retrieve e-mail
  • Potential loss of sales or goodwill

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) combines two circuit-switched B channels that can be combined to provide uncompressed data speeds of up to 128 Kbps and a packet-switched D channel (available with an ISDN Basic Rate Interface or BRI line). The D channel is the key to to the low-cost continuous connectivity offered by AODI. This service offers:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Digital clarity
  • Flexibility
  • Expanded business voice services

AODI automatically switches network traffic to the channel that best supports it. The D-channel link, which is used whenever B channels are not required, provides a low-cost, continuous LAN-style connection for teleworkers, while employers don't have to sacrifice valuable circuit-switched ports on their networks to keep users continuously connected. When traffic increases one or both B channels are used for:

  • Retrieving e-mail attachments
  • Accessing the Internet
  • Downloading files
  • Other high-bandwidth tasks


  • No dialing in to the network
  • Reserves the D channel to send and receive e-mail
  • Low-cost continuous LAN-style connection leaves B channels free for other calls.
  • Provides uncompressed data speeds of up to 128 KBPS
  • Automatically switches to one or both B channels for performing high-bandwidth tasks
  • Enables users to switch to one or both B channels manually
  • Automatically reverts to D-channel link when high-bandwidth traffic subsides


  • Reduce costs. Lower the ISDN use rate on an employee line by using the D channel for continuous data connectivity at a substantially reduced rate.
  • Streamline operations. Reduce the number of dial-in ports required on the corporate network.
  • Increase efficiency. Provide teleworkers with access that rivals the LAN-based convenience enjoyed by office-bound colleagues.
  • Increase productivity. Eliminate downtime associated with repeatedly dialing in to the network.
  • Improve responsiveness. Notify employees as soon as they have e-mail.
  • Maximize network resources. Provide continuous connections that stay up even while the ISDN line handles faxes, phone calls, and other data transfers.
  • Improve communications. Colleagues and clients can rely on efficient e-mail communication, certain that employees receive all messages promptly.
  • Make the most of network resources. Add or drop channels on demand.

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