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Communications Recovery Service

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If you can�t communicate, you can�t recover. Protecting your IT applications and data from a disaster is critical, but real recovery depends on working voice and data communications.AT&T Business Communications Recovery Services (BCRS) solutions can help you guard your enterprise�s voice and data communications against disruptions by providing:

  • Diversely routed, redundant network facilities between office locations
  • Network management that redirects voice and data traffic in a crisis
  • Hot site/cold sited capability within your own corporate office space
  • Telecommuting option to give you alternate workspace flexibility.

AT&T BCRS solutions utilize the managed-ring architecture of AT&T SMARTRing® Service to deliver voice and data between customer sites through diversely routed, redundant fiber optic circuits. In an emergency, automatic switching between the optical fibers maintains communications despite any single failure in the network. In addition, AT&T BCRS provides network management with AT&T FlexServe® Service, a tool that can either be controlled by your in-house IT staff, or pre-programmed to redirect voice and data over your SMARTRing architecture.

In today's world, the mobile worker has become an operational necessity for most enterprises. AT&T BCRS offers telecommuting options custom designed to blend efficiently with your IT architecture. With a combination of services including AT&T Managed Network VPN Service, AT&T Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and AT&T FastAccess Telecommute Service, we can help your IP operations remain secure and help your employees remain productive whether at home, in the field or at other remote locations.

During a disaster recovery, the first priority of any enterprise must be on restoring communications. Without communications, employees can't generate business and without revenues, no business can survive. Let us show you how a AT&T Business Communications Recovery Services solution can help you protect your communications.

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