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AT&T Integrated Solutions

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AT&T Integrated Solutions is an alternative to purchasing multiple voice, data and Internet network services

AT&T Integrated Solutions is an alternative to purchasing multiple voice, data and Internet network services. Customers are served by a single access connection that is proactively managed and monitored. The simplicity and flexibility of the integrated solution can help businesses streamline operations, boost employee productivity, maximize return on investment and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Another advantage of BIS is that it provides flexibility for voice and Internet access speed requirements. Due to the elimination of costs associated with managing multiple networks, customers save valuable time and money by implementing an integrated solution.

Voice (8-22 lines):

  • Analog lines
  • Trunks (Digital)
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • Primary Rate ISDN


  • 128K - 768K Dedicated High Speed Internet Access
  • 200MB Shared Web Hosting
  • 30 Email Boxes

Customer Premise Equipment:

  • Includes an Integrated Access Device that performs the functions of a CSU/DSU, channel bank, MUX and router at no additional cost


  • Both voice and data are integrated over a single T1 facility
  • No capital upgrade required by the customer
  • Customers can adjust the allocation of bandwidth for voice, data and Internet services based on their changing needs
  • Dedicated Internet Access with 100% Committed Information Rate
  • Service Level Agreements for reliability and bandwidth of the Internet port
  • Separate flat rate business line is included at no additional charge that is used for out of band monitoring, which performs remote maintenance and allows for faster trouble isolation


  • Cost savings by utilizing one T1 for all your voice and Internet needs
  • One-stop-shop
  • One number to call
  • Customers only pay for what they turn up
  • End-to-End solution
  • No IT staff needed for CPE maintenance
  • Dedicated account team

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