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AT&T Vulnerability Assessment Service

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In a world where hackers are knocking at your doorstep 24X7, keeping a regular network vulnerability assessment schedule is an invaluable security mechanism. A vulnerability analysis can alert you to potential vulnerabilities in your network before a hacker alerts you to those vulnerabilities the hard way.

What is a Network Vulnerability Analysis?

A network vulnerability analysis evaluates all aspects of your network from behind the firewall and identifies any potential holes a hacker to exploit. The Network Vulnerability Assessment Service from AT&T analyzes every IP address, computer, server and device on your network such as desktops, web server platforms, mail servers, routers, switches and hubs. You get a detailed explanation of the recommended fix for each vulnerability. This allows you to be proactive in securing your network, making sure that you always get there first.

AT&T Vulnerability Assessment Service includes:

  • Internal and external network scans
  • Web-based reports delivered securely to any web browser
  • Asset assessment
  • Trending information
  • Prioritized remediation recommendations
  • Proprietary Vulnerability Score for a quick understanding of how the vulnerability posture has changed since the last scan

The Vulnerability Assessment service is offered on either a monthly or quarterly basis. To learn more about AT&T Vulnerability Assessment Service, please contact your AT&T Account Representative

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