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Dedicated Web Hosting

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More businesses than ever are turning to Dedicated Web Hosting. It has become the fastest-growing hosting option on the market today. It allows you to focus on using the Web to enhance your business, without the expense of creating and housing your own hosting infrastructure. You gain the piece of mind that your e-business operations are housed in one of the AT&T e-Business Centers, which are among the most sophisticated and secure hosting center in the world.

AT&T offers two levels of Dedicated Web Hosting to meet the needs of large and small business customers.

AT&T Basic Dedicated Web Hosting

AT&T Basic Dedicated Web Hosting is ideal for small to mid-size businesses or departments within large companies seeking an economical and secure managed Web presence.

Basic Dedicated Web Hosting offers the following features:

  • Robust network bandwidth
  • Dedicated customer server
  • Fully managed 24X7 monitoring and maintenance
  • IBM eServer xSeries 330 servers running the Windows 2000 operating system as the standard platform.

AT&T Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

AT&T Managed Dedicated Web Hosting is a turnkey business solution that minimizes capital investments while delivering the network performance, bandwidth and flexibility needed to grow your business. We also support our system and network up-time promises with powerful Service Level Agreements.

AT&T Managed Dedicated Web Hosting offers the following services:

  • UNIX and Windows/Intel platform support
  • Comprehensive firewall service
  • Dynamic load balancing for enhanced traffic management among your servers
  • Expert support and maintenance by experienced industry professionals
  • Internet access that supports peak load traffic

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting also provides full server management necessary for your mission-critical applications allowing you to focus on using the Web to enhance your business.

Whether Basic Dedicated or Managed Dedicated best fit your business needs, both services eliminate the hassle and overhead of establishing and managing a complicated hosting infrastructure.

High Performance Options for Managed Dedicated Web Hosting customers.

AT&T also offers the following:

AT&T Server Clustering - a high availability service option for AT&T Managed Dedicated and Premium Co-location hosting customers. The service allows multiple servers to redundantly connect to multiple storage devices, ensuring customers' data is highly available and reducing system and applications downtime.

AT&T Global Load Balancing - optimizes traffic between customer servers in multiple locations, enhancing the reliability and performance for enterprises hosting e-commerce or mission critical applications. This service is ideal for large businesses with mission critical data who want to keep servers in multiple locations and want the assurance of data availability and integrity. Global Load Balancing is a valuable supplement to AT&T current hosting services, which include Managed Dedicated Web Hosting, as well as Basic and Premium Co-location.

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