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Dial Internet Service for Business

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Here's a corporate plan designed for companies that manage multiple dial Internet users. Keep everyone in the company connected and productive by adding and deleting Dial Internet accounts via the AT&T Account Administration Tool. By granting activation rights to your designated administrator, you have the power to quickly create Internet connections for employees, telecommuters, mobile workers, traveling executives and associates.

With AT&T support and infrastructure, sophisticated account administration capabilities, and Internet-ready access tokens, Business Dial includes everything you need to turn the Internet into a strategic business asset.


  • Web-based account administration tool: Designate an administrator to add, delete and view usage reports instantly on all of your organization's dial Internet accounts.
  • Competitive price: Volume discounts for regional unlimited AT&T dial POP access start at $12.50 per user.
  • ISDN: Net-ready technology includes unlimited Internet access and options for 64Kbps or 128Kbps ISDN data speeds.
  • AT&T E-mail: One e-mail account per user with 10Mb of disk space. (AT&T Webmail available)
  • Local, GSP and 888 Nationwide POP access: Over 200 regional AT&T dial POPs with unlimited access are available. Or access our roaming GSP or 888 POPs at a special flat rate.


  • Consolidation. Consolidated billing saves on administrative costs.
  • Account control. Create, delete and manage user dial Internet accounts and generate usage reports on demand.
  • Productivity. For no additional charge, you can 'pop' your e-mail from any POP3 Client or PDA as well as long into your Internet.
  • One call resolution. Secure everything you need - software, service, and support - from a single, dependable source.

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